Award-winning chefs and wine-growers pull out all the stops

For many golfers, the Kitzbühel Golf Festival is one of the most exciting golf events of the year. After all, it has so much to offer on all fronts: sporting challenges during the tournaments, suspense and action at the special tournaments such as the Streif Attack, and convivial get-togethers as well as superb entertainment during the evening events. This festival week in Kitzbühel is a real joy for all lovers of golf.

Following the huge success of recent years, award-winning chefs and wine-growers will return for a third time to dazzle you at halfway houses and evening events. In matters of good taste, they’re sure to pull off a hole-in-one.





Monday: Hotel Tennerhof

Chef: Stefan Lenz
Kupferstube im Tennerhof Kitzbühel

Wine-grower: Gobelsburg

Stefan Lenz
Schloss Gobelsburg

Tuesday: Sporthotel Reisch Tournament

Chef: Alexander Huber (2 Hauben, 1 Michelinstern)
Restaurant Huberwirt, Pleiskirchen

wine-grower: Weingut Türk

Alexander Huber
Franz Türk

Wednesday: Rasmushof Tournament

Kitzbüheler peasant woman
Serve local specialties

Wine-grower: Anton Bauer

Kitzbüheler peasant woman
Anton Bauer

Thursday: Hotel A-ROSA Tournament

Chef: Ahmed Afify 
Chef A-ROSA Kitzbühel

Wine-grower: Weingut Leo Aumann

Ahmed Afify
Leo Aumann

Saturday: Festival Tournament

Chef: Rafael Reisser, Chef de Cuisine Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel

Wine-grower: Weingut Josef Schmid
Stratzing, Kremstal

Rafael Reisser
Josef Schmid